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Poverty And Inequality in India   Swatantra Chauhan

Poverty And Inequality in India

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India is a country of diversities; regional variation and the generous interplay of ‘Tradition and Modernity’ have enabled various approaches to development to be tried out in different part of the country. India accounts for about 14 percent of the world population. Among the developing countries it has a population share of 24.57 percent while her share in the poor, is about 37.6 percent. There is a substantial difference in cost of living between town and countryside. The problem of malnutrition, lack of education, low life expectancy and rustic and shady housing conditions are also more severe in India. Poverty in developing countries can indicates absolute deprivation, infringing on basic sustenance of life; whereas poverty in developed countries can indicate relative deprivation, a lack of a ability to afford standard of living enjoyed by a reference group with higher incomes. Absolute poverty is the most severe deprivation of elements necessary to sustain human life and...
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