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Growth, Efficiency & Productivity of Indian Manufacturing Industries   Paramita Roy Biswas and Arpita Ghose

Growth, Efficiency & Productivity of Indian Manufacturing Industries

252 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Considering disaggregated data on Indian manufacturing at two- & three-digit levels, provided by Annual Survey of Industries during 1970-71 to 2001-02, a performance related overview is constructed to observe whether the feat of Indian industries has generated sufficient growth potential in terms of industrial output. A dummy-variable approach is adopted here. The study also focuses on the effects of trade-liberalization policies on output growth process by estimating break points & examining its occurrence & persistence level in pre- or post-liberalization era by employing unit-root hypothesis. For analyzing cost-competitiveness of an industry, measurement of technical efficiency is done by employing Stochastic Frontier Production function approach & extent of total factor productivity growth is examined by non-parametric approach of Data Envelopment Analysis. Inter-industrial variation is observed regarding the explanatory factors responsible for movements of technical efficiency &...
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