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World Development Report 2004: Making Services Work for Poor People   World Bank

World Development Report 2004: Making Services Work for Poor People

2004 год.
Book DescriptionThe World Development Report 2004 provides a practical framework for making the services that contribute to human development work for poor people. With this framework, citizens, governments, and donors can take action and accelerate progress toward the common objective of poverty reduction, as specified in the Millennium Development Goals. The World Bank creates its highly respected World Development Report with input from individuals in government, business, academe, the media, nongovernmental organization, and civil society. By providing feedback on successive drafts and sharing concerns an opinions in an online, public forum as the report develops, these stakeholders help ensure that the report takes into account alternative points of view. The World Development Report 2004 team expanded the collaborative process by broadening the range of participants in the consultations and by soliciting more than 100 background papers and research reports from them....
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