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An Economic Analysis of Agricultural Labourers in India   Nagaraj M. Muggur

An Economic Analysis of Agricultural Labourers in India

156 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
In India agriculture is a largest primary sector of the economic activity and provides employment to a very large proportion of the population. Especially in agriculture, agricultural labour households are mainly depending upon agriculture employment and they are historically deprived social group as well as economically poorest section of the society. In terms of poverty syndrome among agricultural labourers needs to be read against such a background of prolonged rural under development, asset less, unemployment, low wages, under-nutrition, illiteracy and social backwardness constitute the poverty syndrome among agricultural labourers is still presence in the country. Today disguised unemployment there is large scale unemployment and underemployment among agricultural workers in rural areas has laid to the migrant of workers in search of employment. Looking to all these aspects the book aims at the study of socio economic conditions of the migrant as well as the local agricultural...
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