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Economic Security: Case of Russia   Vadim Tarasov

Economic Security: Case of Russia

112 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today's global society can be compared to a ubiquitous computer network, where culture is the operational system and socio-economic and political institutions are its applications. The times of military confrontations have given way to an era of geopolitical, geo-economic and information wars. All this accentuates the need to ensure a robust national economic security. What should a modern system of economic security look like and how developed is it in Russia? Why is culture the core medium through which a society can be governed? How can quantum economics, the theory of conflict management and game theory be applied in the analysis? The book answers these and other compelling questions. It provides a comprehensive analysis of economic security viewed from multidisciplinary perspectives. Using complex calculations the author assesses the curent level of the Russian economic security and gives recommendations for its further development. The book will help you understand how...
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