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2016 Standard Catalog of World Coins: 2001-Date  

2016 Standard Catalog of World Coins: 2001-Date

210x275 1352 страниц. 2015 год.
Krause Publications, A division of F+W Media, Inc
In concert with 100 international experts, World Mints and Central Banks, the Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date, 10th Edition, provides an exhaustive and thorough catalog rich with new issue coinage and values from the Twenty-First Century. For the first time, this substantial guide to the inspired and inventive offerings found in the world market now features MS65 values for much of the catalog. What's more, the catalog features thousands of new type listings and more values for PF63 and PF65 than ever before. Extensive yet easily managed, you will find: Current values for coins organized by country and listed by denomination and issue date; Globally accepted KM reference numbers; Detailed descriptions, weights and measures; Thousands of new listings; MS65 values for much of the catalog; More values for PF63 and PF65. Experience and explore today's modern collectible coin market as it pushes technology to marry art and meaning...
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