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Раскраска Лето
Прислала Зарецкая Л.Г.
Раскраска поможет ребенку развить творческие способности, мелкую моторику руки и расширит
его представление об окружающем мире.

international funeral service in Russia
Before taking care of the burial and worthy farewell, it is necessary to think about the organization of transportation of the deceased to the place of destination. Taking into account the stressful situation of the family, wherever it is, and the desire to solve all the issues related to the organization of the process independently and in a timely manner, in reality, can lead to untimely transportation and failure to meet the planned dates of the farewell ceremony and the subsequent burial.

To relieve the heavy burden of responsibility, in such a delicate process, there are specialized companies that will become a reliable shoulder and help to organize the entire process of transportation from A to Z. The city specialized service «Ritual» is such a company that is ready to share the grief of the family, give support and treat with dignity to the deceased.

Execution of documents
Transportation of the deceased for a long distance is possible only if there is a certain package of documents. In particular, they include:

a permit for transportation issued by Sanitary and Epidemiological Service;
a death certificate certified by the official stamp issued by the civil registry office;
a document about the absence inside the casket of any foreign objects, turnover of which is prohibited in accordance with the legislation;
a document about embalming from the mortuary;
if the transportation of the deceased is carried out in a zinc casket, it is also necessary to obtain a certificate of sealing of zinc insertion.
Relatives of the deceased can both take direct part in the transportation of the body, and entrust this procedure to the funeral company. In this case, you will need to choose the type of transport on which the body will be delivered to the place of burial.

Depending on the distance, it can be road transport (for transportation at distances up to 1000 kilometers), or a plane. Transportation by rail is less often, however it takes quite a long time. In addition, most trains do not have the necessary conditions for this, and this type of transport is practically not used.

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